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Anxiety Secrets

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The Cool Anxiety Attitude (Unabridged)

The Cool Anxiety Attitude:

The Art of Overcoming Anxiety, Panic, Worry, Obsession, & Depression

by Rob Shapiro

You can have a brand new attitude in the face of anxiety, worry, obsessions, and depression! Learn how to trust yourself and cultivate a "Cool Anxiety Attitude" in the face of fear in this groundbreaking audiobook. With its own original soundtrack to help absorb the material in a fun way, this audio program is packed with Shapiro's healing strategies and fear-facing scripts for difficult times.

Here is a portion of what you'll learn from The Cool Anxiety Attitude:

  • The “Cool Anxiety Attitude"
  • How to develop the anxiety hero within.
  • The root cause of anxiety & depression
  • How to trust yourself in the face of anxiety, panic and worry
  • How to deal with feelings of helplessness and depression.
  • How to overcome social anxiety
  • How to find freedom from obsessions and compulsions
  • How to deal with the fear of losing control
  • Stress management the cool way.
  • How to build genuine self-esteem
  • - and much, much, much more!
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